We are Propellent

Specialists in modernising, automating and securing complex environments, we combine experience with best of breed products.

Our objective is to streamline your technology environment and optimise your operations so you can focus on the intricacies of running the business and delivering to your organisation’s goals.

What we do

Propellent will get you on the right track with your journey, be it a tool, an ecosystem, or your entire IT operations.

We balance the requirements of compliance with the realities of technology, process and people, we establish a clean, compliant and secure business setting for our clients. One that is robust, easy to run, straightforward to maintain and effortless to adapt and scale.

This provide a clear path to a streamlined, integrated, secure, compliant and adaptable technology environment that supports your corporate objectives.

How we do it

Propellent can help navigate the technology minefield, drive the right decision at the right time for your business and implement the correct solution in the best way to support your corporate objectives. 

We work with our clients in several ways.

For You

Propellent takes responsibility for the entirety of the project

With You

Propellent cross-training and upskilling your team on the job

By You

You take the lead, Propellent provides the tools and training

Our Customers

"From the very first meeting they gave me confidence that they could help, and my trust was proved to be well placed within a matter of weeks. They quickly analysed root cause, proposed and then executed solutions to problems that clinicians had been experiencing for many months, in some cases for years."

Our Partners

Propellent partners with the market leading technologies to deliver high quality solutions.