About Propellent

With a deep understanding of what organisations need to remain secure, compliant and efficient as well as expertise in the solutions that enable it –we help IT functions move from a reactive stance to  proactive empowerment of business innovation, all while effortlessly meeting compliance obligations.

We work in partnership with you to understand your organisation’s needs while keeping an eye on the big picture, with a ‘compliance first’ approach embedded into all our services and products.

Propellent helps eliminate the resource-sapping firefighting required to adhere to regulations like the GDPR, identify and mitigate security risks, integrate new software and optimise your existing systems.

We understand the delicate balance between business and IT priorities. By unlocking your organisational efficiency, optimising your technology spend and reducing your risk, we provide the skills, technology and ongoing support to ease the pressure on IT and free you to move forward faster.

Working with clients across a broad spectrum of sectors and organisation types, from FTSE100 companies to small charities, we have helped our customers to build, protect and optimise their digital estates into streamlined, secure and compliant environments that are easy to manage and scale.

Propellent leverages decades of experience to create bespoke solutions to unique business challenges.

We offer flexible service options so that you can achieve the right level of attention for your business. By managing the process for you, working with you, or handing the reins to you, we can balance the requirements of compliance with the realities of technology, process and people, to establish a clean, compliant and secure business setting.

We do what is right for the client. We listen. We understand. We deliver.

Company Background

We started in 2009 as an application-centric technical consultancy for organisations operating under compliance frameworks.

We ran applications, built by us or by third parties, for organisations who needed the skills and expertise to meet their operational and business targets. We augmented their teams’ skills and expertise.

Our primary focus was on complex business applications and integration and its supporting infrastructure.

From there we expanded into infrastructure, hosting, and DevOps, whilst retaining our compliance focus.

Over the last 5 years, we found our customers started asking us for direct cyber security services and solutions.

As cyber security is already an integral part of our approach for all product and service delivery, we have now built a new set of products and services expressly to meet these customer needs.

Throughout all our services and products, we retain our engineering led approach, and have deep technical expertise to draw on.

Our expertise covers from Linux kernel development right through to enterprise solution architecture, from packet sniffing to hypervisor optimisation, from analysing existing processes to writing application integrations glue code.

We like to build long term relationships with our customers. We find the better we know their unique make up, the better we can help them.

Propellent Values

Respect: Treat our community with respect.
Integrity & Honesty: Operate with integrity and honesty.
Agility: Be agile in our thinking and innovative in our approach.
Transparency & Clarity: Communicate and collaborate with openness and clarity.