You cannot defend against what you cannot see.

Ransomware, hacker exploits, and other IT security attacks usually occur before anyone knows what happened.

Flowmon sees everything on your network, giving visibility into anomalies hidden in your network traffic.

SPOT and STOP attacks before they’re completed.

Protect your business with Flowmon and Propellent.

Next Generation Network Visibility

Kemp Flowmon’s network intelligence integrates NetOps and SecOps into one versatile solution.

Capable of automated traffic monitoring and threat detection, Flowmon creates a strong foundation for informed decision-making without you having to sift through large volumes of information noise.

The tool’s intuitive interface allows IT professionals to quickly learn about incidents and anomalies. It provides the data you need in order to understand the context, impact, magnitude, and most importantly, the root cause of any unusual activity.

Flowmon can handle on-premise, cloud or virtual environments, and will integrate with almost any other cyber security solutions you might be using. The UI is simple and deployment takes only 30 minutes. There is no duplication of effort; just one multi-faceted tool that delivers accessible, risk-reducing threat visibility.

The solution collects rich network telemetry data from various sources and analyses it for any relevant information. Using machine learning, heuristics, and advanced analytics, it improves your network performance, provides timely alerts on incidents, and enables early threat response.

With Flowmon, you can:

  • Eliminate blindspots.
  • Detect suspicious behaviour.
  • Automate Incident Response.
  • Protect your business

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