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Our flexibility in solution design and engagement model allows us to create unique solutions tailored to meet your business requirements.

Our expertise lies in modernising, automating and securing complex technical environments. By balancing the requirements of compliance with the realities of technology, process and people, we establish a clean, compliant and secure business setting for our clients. One that is robust, easy to run, straightforward to maintain and effortless to adapt and scale.

We are different from others in our approach. In listening to our clients and applying Propellent’s unique methodology, we can take stock of the whole environment and challenge the existing way of doing things. Our approach means we streamline people, processes and technology in the most appropriate fashion, to deliver comprehensive and secure solutions that propel our clients forward on the journey to digital business efficiency.

In providing our clients with an efficient, secure and compliant environment, productivity improvements are recognised, technology spend is optimised, whilst costs and risk are reduced. With your company operating in a streamlined manner, services are improved and an enhanced customer experience is delivered to establish competitive advantage in the market.

Engagement Model

Every organisation is different. Requirements differ, structures contrast and objectives vary. One size does not fit all and an all encompassing view is essential to start the journey from the correct point and achieve the desired outcome.

At Propellent, we consider our client’s entire ecosystem. By understanding the nuances of employee usage, technical complexities, process requirements and compliance needs, we redefine the problem to build the solution that will drive your business forward.

There are several ways we work with our clients.

Manage the journey For You

Propellent takes control and full responsibility, so you don’t have to worry. We manage the risk. You gain the results and the desired outcome.

Go on the journey With You

We work in partnership with you, enhancing your existing team and upskilling your capabilities along the way.

The journey is taken By You

Propellent provides you with the right tools and training to make the journey yourself.

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