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As one of the most powerful automation platforms on the market, SaltStack helps your business to transform and scale, quickly, and securely.

If you’re not maximising its potential, Propellent are here to help.

Intelligent Automation using Salt

Automation enables teams to unlock the potential of modern technologies, methodologies, and IT’s ongoing evolution from back-end support shop to business driver. It’s a necessity for today’s development and operations work.

Propellent have been automating infrastructure and applications since before DevOps became a thing. We understand the challenges, pitfalls, and the wins. 

Salt is the most complete and extensible automation framework currently on the market, and have some unique features.

Why Propellent?

We’re the specialists. We have been building solutions for clients in Salt for a number of years, are active contributors to the codebase, and we were the UK’s official Saltstack Partner until Saltstack was purchased by VMWare. 

Propellent have a wide range of products and services specifically aimed at aiding organisations using Salt.

  • Consulting and Discovery
  • Bespoke Training
  • QuickStart 
  • Off the shelf Complient Infrastructure
  • Support Services
  • Managed Services
  • Bespoke automation
  • Network Automation
  • Compliance enforcement
  • Continuous Compliance
  • Migration from other toolsets

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The Propellent Advantage

All our Salt consultants have infrastructure, development, and application experience and are cross-trained in cyber security.

Options include handing over to your in-house IT teams to run the solution as an on-going concern, or we can provide a service to manage the solution for you.

We offer flexible support and on demand consultancy to suit your exact requirements.

Further information

Salt is a modern automation and orchestration framework. It is unique amongst the common frameworks in that it is fully event driven. 

Salt can be used to automate cloud deployments or on-premise infrastructure, switches, firewalls, load balancing, application deployments etc.

It is hugely fast and scalable due to being built around an event bus. This enables some unique use cases particularly favouring Security Operations. 

For example, any machine with a salt agent deployed on it can listen for specific events on a host machine, and respond with a specific set of actions, e.g. failed login attempts trigger messages to a SIEM, critical file or system settings tampering can be detected and instantly remediated.