Propellent Solutions

Our goal is to help you get the right solution for your organisation.

Every organisation is different. Requirements differ, structures contrast and objectives vary. One size does not fit all and an all encompassing view is essential to start the journey from the correct point and achieve the desired outcome.

The traditional approach in our space is to talk about products first and then add in the Professional Services / Managed Services wrapper.

At Propellent, we always approach a solution from customer challenge rather than the technology. We believe that you can only understand what is required when you can see the big picture.

By understanding the nuances of employee usage, technical complexities, process requirements and compliance needs, we help you define the whole problem, allowing us to build an effective, sustainable solution that will drive your business forward.

Practical Solutions


Bespoke Development

From small scripts to fully supported production applications, unlock innovation and gain business efficiency.


Cyber Security

Cyber consultancy and solutions designed to help our customers identify, assess and control their security risks.


DevSecOps & Automation​

Effective orchestration and automation solutions; from standing up cloud and physical infrastructure to CI/CD.

Managed Services2

Managed Services

Bolster your organisations capability with expert, scalable services allowing you to gain operational efficiency and focus on your core business.


IT Engineering

Bespoke services to supplement and support your team in problem resolution, delivering technical change and managing complex, compliant environments.



Get access to expert IT skills and expertise required for a specific task or project, in half day increments without long term commitment.

Flexible Service Models

Propellent have three families of solutions, designed to cover all the ways our customers approach IT.

For You

A fully managed solution; designed, built and run to your requirements.

"For You" solutions are ideal if your organisation prefers to outsource so you can focus on your core business, or if building an internal function is not achievable at the required scale and price point.

The service lightens the workload of in-house teams and supplements teams that are unable to meet IT demands. With Propellent managing your service, you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Choose an ongoing managed service from Day One, or start with a holistic overview to ensure all basis of your security are covered with the right solutions for your organisation.

With You

You run the solution, backed by our expertise and support.

"With You" solutions are a flexible option for organisations with internal IT capability, but not necessarily the time or skills to run the solution. Propellent works in partnership with you, enhancing your capability.

This collaborative model enables you to own the service with minimal demands on your team, and based on that experience, determine the ideal end state.

You can take full control of the environment when the time is right, convert to a fully managed service, or the service can be ongoing.

By You

You own the solution; we provide the licenses, training and consultancy

"By You" solutions put your organisation in the driving seat. You own everything end to end, from scoping to operations, while Propellent provides market-leading technologies along with expert training and consultancy.

The service is fully owned by you, with your team in control of all aspects of the solution.

You can work in synergy with Propellent taking advantage of our professional services where needed. (And should you need ongoing assistance in the future, a simple shift to the "With You" model will ensure your continued success.)

Our individual solution pages explain which offerings are available, and how they work.

Practical Solutions.
Expertise on tap.
Flexible engagement.

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We partner with a number of vendors either best-of-breed or those whose solution offers high priority features at a unique price point.

If your organisation’s ideal solution requires a product outside of our portfolio, then we will either recommend a competitor/partner or expand our product set to ensure the solution we deliver meets our own high standards.