Intelligent  Automation

Digital business is complex. Humans alone can’t keep it optimised, reliable and secure.

It is well established that automation is a critical component of an efficient digital organisation. 

Automation enables teams to unlock the potential of modern technologies, methodologies, and IT’s ongoing evolution from back-end support shop to business driver. It’s a necessity for today’s development and operations work.

Propellent have been automating infrastructure and applications since it’s inception. We understand the challenges, pitfalls, and the wins. This is why we are proud to be partnered with SaltStack.

SaltStack produce the most complete and extensible automation framework currently on the market, and have some unique product offerings.

SaltStack overview

Salt is a different approach to infrastructure management, founded on the idea that high-speed communication with large numbers of systems can open up new capabilities. This approach makes Salt a powerful multitasking system that can solve many specific problems in an infrastructure.

The backbone of Salt is the remote execution engine, which creates a high-speed, secure and bi-directional communication net for groups of systems. On top of this communication system, Salt provides an extremely fast, flexible, and easy-to-use configuration management system.

SaltStack provides intelligent orchestration software for management of any infrastructure or application stack at scale. SaltStack develops the only systems management solution built on an event-driven remote execution platform.

It enables intelligent configuration of complex data center infrastructure and applications, cloud management, container orchestration, and automated system security compliance.


Propellent have a wide range of products and services specifically aimed at aiding organisations on this journey.

  1. Consulting and Discovery
  2. Training
  3. QuickStart
  4. Support Services
  5. Managed Services
  6. Bespoke automations
  7. Network Automation
  8. Continuous Compliance
  9. ServiceNow Integration

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