On average it takes 207 days to detect a breach*.

It shouldn't.

Our Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions are designed to catch the first signs of attacks and malicious activities.

Reduce the time to detect current and future cyber attacks. Protect your business.

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* IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020

With cyber attacks on the rise, the question is no longer IF your organisation is going to be compromised... it's WHEN!

Ransomware, hacker exploits, and other IT security attacks usually occur before anyone knows what happened.

Your organisation has to prevent cyber attacks from happening, but also to detect, terminate, and remediate in-progress attacks.

The challenge is how to get early visibility of these events so that you can react sooner, rather than later.

Propellent’s mission is to help our customers reduce the 207-day average breach detection time as low as possible.

So we’ve teamed up with Kemp Flowmon, a Network Detection and Response toolset, to deliver a range of solutions to suit businesses of any size or budget.

Our NDR solution sees all activity on your network, and applies a mixture of artificial intelligence and rule-based filtering to show you only the events you need to investigate.

Protect your business with Propellent and Flowmon. 

Network Detection and Response

In order for an attack on your organisation  to happen or propagate, it’s going to need to communicate with other machines using your network.

Network detection and response tools like Flowmon give you a single view of all the evidence of active threats, captured from your network, alerting you in real time to unusual, nefarious and suspicious activity.

Armed with these unique insights into activity on your networks, you’re enabled to mount a swift and effective response to any threats or anomalies.

All events are mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, which aids response as well as SIEM data enrichment.

This insight can dramatically shorten the average 207-day timing to detect a breach.


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Propellent have a range of NDR services. Based around Kemp Flowmon, their purpose is to provide an early warning system against attacks, and ultimately to reduce the 207-day average time to detect a breach.

Flowmon collects rich network telemetry data from various sources. Using machine learning, heuristics and advanced analytics, it improves network performance, provides alerts on incidents, and enables early threat response. 

Choose from three families of products, designed to cover all the ways our customers operate. 

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