Protect Your Environment And Your Reputation

Get and maintain a complete picture of all your assets

Understand and manage your risk

Target your remediation activities

Reduce your risk

Expert Vulnerability Management from Propellent

The bedrock of effective cyber security

We consider Vulnerability Management to be the cornerstone of protecting an organisation. It enables an understanding the current state of the digital estate, and with it, the risks and gaps. 

Our Vulnerability Management solutions allow you to:

  • Understand your risk exposure across ALL devices
  • Effectively prioritise your remediation activities
  • Track historical remediation progress
  • Measure your adherence to compliance standards
  • Enhance the chance of passing audits on the first attempt
  • Understand where you need to focus investment

Once operational, the Vulnerability Management solution provides the effective intelligence needed to correctly target follow on activities.


Propellent have a range of Vulnerability Management services.

We get you up and running quickly, effectively, with tooling and strategy that meets your business requirements and budget.

We partner with leading Vulnerability Management software providers, such as TenableRapid 7Kenna and Qualys to deliver the best fit solution for your requirements.

Propellents’ Vulnerability Management team are skilled cyber professionals with extensive experience implementing and supporting Vulnerability Management solutions.

Choose from three families of products, designed to cover all the ways our customers operate. 

Read more about our service offerings here.

For You

Fully managed services designed, built and run by us to your requirements

With You

You run the solution, backed up with our products, expertise and support

By You

We provide the licenses, training and consultancy, you own the solution.

Innovative Solutions

Expertise on tap

Flexible engagement

Whichever family of solutions you’re interested in, we’re always happy to talk through your options and offer impartial advice. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Most security breaches exploit known and well documented vulnerabilities. This makes having a well defined process in place to manage vulnerabilities crucial.

The first stage in managing vulnerabilities is a scan to assess the potential risks your organisation may currently have. This has to include all device types across all locations, including cloud.

Testing and scanning can help identify these vulnerabilities, predict their likelihood, and assess the possible impact if they were to be exploited.

Once the risks are understood, then they can be prioritised, and remediation/mitigation actions can occur.

This is a cyclical activity, and with the increasingly number of zero day exploits appearing, a critical activity to safeguard your organisation.