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Bespoke Development

‘Commercial off the shelf’ software can take you 80% of the way to your destination. 

Here’s how you can get the rest of the way.

Every organisation is different. Requirements differ, structures contrast and objectives vary. One size does not fit all, but unfortunately this is how COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) software is built.

The software air that you buy for your organisation is designed to meet the needs of a broad range of customers. Sometimes that’s absolutely fine, sometimes it’s not.

Our bespoke software development services help you to unlock innovation, make business processes more efficient, and ultimately get an edge over your competitors.

All development follows best-practice workflows and agile management. Whether you’re used to specifying all the technical details of the project or you just have a high level view of what you want to achieve the development service can get you up and running quickly.

Development can be done using our internal DevOps tooling or else backed off your own infrastructure or services such as GitHub or Gitlab.

Developments can be delivered as packaged solutions or else hosted on Propellents’ security optimised hosting platform.

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Integration is effectively linking applications together. This can be to pass on data, trigger events in other systems etc.

Data is generally available from an application through an API (Application Programming Interface) which is exposed over a web service (such as HTTPS) and can therefore have code written to extract the data. Data can be transformed and filtered and pushed on to other systems to generate reports or trigger notifications, etc.

Custom integration tooling can significantly increase your businesses efficiency. Processes that are handled manually can be automated through bespoke integrations that then offer extremely fast and reliable execution freeing people up to perform the real work.

Tooling can be provided with a warranty period or as an on-going service in order to provide on-going support for the deployed integration.

Example Integration

A Vulnerability Management tool provides data detailing the vulnerabilities currently active on your server estate. You use JIRA or another ticketing system in order to perform and track outstanding work to remediate the defects.

Reconciling the vulnerabilities against devices, logging the remediation tickets to the correct resolver, and then closing tickets when the vulnerability is resolved is a huge resource overhead, and prone to human error.

Through a custom integration we extract the vulnerability data and manage tickets in the ticket management system. We open and assign tickets according to an assets region, set the priority based on the severity of the vulnerability and set the deadline according to the SLA required by your security policies.

Once in place, we help your team monitor the running of the code, and our code support service provides ongoing support in the event of any breaking application changes.

This streamlines the vulnerability remediation process, saving you many man days per month, and removes human error from the process.

Legacy Applications

Is your business dependent on a bespoke legacy application, but nobody knows how it works?

This is a surprisingly common occurrence, and one that we specialise in. 

From code review, to documentation, we build a solid understanding of the application. Once done, then we stabilise, modernise and extend the functionality of your legacy application to your requirements.

We also offer operational and code support for the application, should you not have the necessary skills in house.

Example Legacy Application Modernisation

Our client asked for our assistance with a Single Point Of Failure (SPOF) in a critical custom legacy integration application.  The application was a custom internet facing integration service connecting many of their suppliers. It had been written by a previous vendor and there was very little documentation or operational knowledge about it. 

Propellent were invited to remove this SPOF without changing any integration functionality.  After analysis, we wrote a wrapper layer around the service providing multi site active – active clustering, together with automated deployment, configuration management, and a web portal and monitoring dashboard for the operational teams. 

Propellent implemented the solution with no operational impact, trained the clients support team, and the service continues to be operational today.


Propellent have a range of development services.

These vary from one off development for a specific one time task, right through to code and support as a service (CaSaaS).

Choose from three families of products, designed to cover all the ways our customers operate. 

For You

Fully managed service to write and support code to your requirements

With You

We help you build the solution, backed up with our expertise and support

By You

We provide the development expertise, you own the solution.

Innovative Solutions

Expertise on tap

Flexible engagement

Whichever family of solutions you’re interested in, we’re always happy to talk through your ideas and options — or to arrange an initial workshop so you can see our team in action.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.