Bolster your capability with skills on demand

With IT environments growing in complexity all of the time, it is becoming very challenging for internal IT functions to attract and retain the necessary skilled resources to cover the broad range of requirements.

Partnerships with IT service providers who have technical specialists that can cover many of the gaps in resources that occur is an excellent way of maintaining necessary operations and reducing risk to the business.

Skillflex allows our clients to achive this. Clients bolster their expertise and capabaility through regular continued access to the full spectrum of Propellent technical resources and expertise.

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Propellent offer two complementary varients



Agreement can be sized to suit a client’s requirements. The service has a governance wrapper with full oversight from the Propellent management team and reports provided to the client.

Cost savings can be realised for longer term SkillFlex engagements.

This approach is a middleground between the Wanless fully managed service offering, and the Customer managing the tool.  

With this approach, Wanless will upskill and guide nominated Customer staff through policy writing, technical planning, implementation and deployment of the product.  Once commissioned, Wanless expertise is available on demand to assist with:

  1. Any teething issues
  2. Report customisation
  3. Report analysis
  4. Remedial action analysis
  5. Product upgrades
  6. Integration into other tools
  7. Training
  8. Product support and healthchecks

Included is software and license, planning and design, commissioning, knowledge transfer and an ongoing package of support. 


The end goal is to help the Customer to build a their own functional, fit for purpose vulnerability management programme, with guidance and support throughout the full product lifecycle.