Vulnerability Remediation

Vulnerabililty Remediation is the act of remediating vulnerabilities discovered in the Vulnerability Management Programme.

In reality this is a complex task that involves a constantly changing mix of people, change control, technologies and approaches, often with conflicting timetables.

Propellent’s Vulnerability Remediation Programme simplifies these difficulties by assisting our customers to deploy and configure a successful automation process, allowing them to operate their remediation programme while being able to call on the appropriate backup, training and assistance where required.

A successful Vulnerability Remediation Programme builds on the power of a strong detection toolset and frees up precious resource by automating remediation and reporting back to you when it’s done. 

No more scheduling conflicts, change control problems or application of untested patches.

Propellent offer three approaches

This approach is a fully customer driven service. Propellent will make available the technology licenses required for the customer to own and operate a Vulnerability Remediation function for themselves.

Should it be required, Propellent Professional Services are available to assist, either on a daily engagement or by taking advantage of the discounts available via our SkillFlex offering.

Included is software and license.  All planning and design, commissioning and ongoing use and support are the responsibility of the customer. 

This approach is a customer owned and managed service. Propellent will lend its experise to the customer during the build and operation phase, at appropriate levels to ensure a successful Vulnerability Remediation Programme.  This can range from assistance with planning, training or Professional Service days along the journey.

Expertise is available on demand to assist with:

  1. Training
  2. Implementation Planning
  3. Autoamtion
  4. Product upgrades
  5. Integration into other tools

Included is software and license.  Planning and design, commissioning, knowledge transfer and an ongoing package of support subject to customer discussions and requirements.

This approach is a fully customer driven vulnerability management programme. The customer owns the software and license, planning and design, commissioning, and all operational obligations.

With this approach, Propellent can provide licensing for the Tenable and Rapid7 product famliies.

Additionally, Propellent can assist with:

  • Design 
  • Deployment
  • Training
  • Healthchecks
  • Customisation
  • Integration into other tools.


The end goal is the customer has full ownership and accountability of their own Vulnerability management programme, with the availability of expert backup and support.