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“As a global communications intelligence platform used by businesses in highly regulated sectors such as healthcare and finance, we take our responsibility to customers very seriously.

The outcome of our decision to work with Propellent has been excellent, solving complex problems quickly and sustainably. We don’t need to have any concerns about compliance or risk management with the Propellent team proactively managing those aspects of our IT for us, so we have more time and energy to focus on our core projects.”

VP and GM – Business Operations

Financial Services SaaS Solutions Provider

Example engagements

Premium High Street Retailer​​

what we do

Archiving Solutions Provider

Propellent took ownership of the client’s legacy AWS ISO27001 compliant estate, and provided a 24×7 managed support service. This 200+ server implementation was previously marked for decommissioning, but had a last minute reprieve.

We built technical and operational knowledge of the estate, documented support processes and release procedures. When faced with systems that were previously deemed too complex to touch, we brought them up to date and into support.

We identified and implemented security enhancements as well as implementing scheduled maintenance for compliance tasks such as patching, penetration testing, etc, and added up to date security tooling and best practice.

Propellent has supported the client through successful ISO27001 audits which have enabled large customers to be onboarded to the platform.

NHS Foundation Trust

Propellent were invited to lead the design and formation of an ITIL aligned Applications Management function to provide an end to end applications service for clinical applications across the Trust.

 This involved application discovery, as there was no centralised application register, the recruitment of a team of approximately 30 staff over a two year period, including 2nd line applications support, deployment and supplier management, DBAs, and test teams. 

We designed and implemented a customised documentation solution to allow the team to track the 750+ applications they supported, and built many other tools designed to simplify technical operations. Propellent also contributed to the transition criteria for stage gate checkpoints to move projects into live service.

The NHS Foundation trust now has centralised application support management, reducing costs, providing a higher quality of service.

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When taking up my role I analysed the service desk tickets and realised that we needed help to understand the root cause of the many incidents that had been outstanding for long periods of time.  Our in-house staff were great at level 1/2 fixes, but lacked the expertise to look across the application and infrastructure to understand how to prevent incident recurrence.

I was delighted when I discovered Propellent.  From the very first meeting they gave me confidence that they could help and my trust was proved to be well placed within a matter of weeks.  They quickly  analysed root cause, proposed and then executed solutions to problems that clinicians had been experiencing for many months, in some cases years.

Many solutions needed engagement with 3rd party suppliers which Propellent conducted with professionalism and determination until a solution was agreed.  Their depth and breadth of expertise meant that I saved on my recruitment costs as I did not need to engage 3rd line expertise for each application area.  Every organisation would benefit from a Propellent engagement at their right hand.

Senior Manager Applications

NHS Foundation Trust

Technical Showcase

Emergency CDN

Our client had implemented a CDN in front of a complex web application. There were non-trivial issues with the implementation, and the client was now very close to a seasonal peak in their operations. At short notice, Propellent was invited to investigate and recommend remediation steps in a very short timeframe.

Once an initial audit was performed, it became clear that the client test team didn’t have the capability to easily analyse the issues.

These were diverse and numerous enough to need a programmatic approach, so we wrote some custom test tooling to empower the test team to compare the CDN output with the origin output. 

When analysis was complete, we recommended CDN configuration changes to mitigate the majority of the issues, and the remainder were a small enough subset that the website vendor was able to fix them in the available timeframe.

The issues were identified and remediated, and the client successfully entered their peak trading events with the CDN in place.

Removing Legacy
Application SPOF

Our client had a single point of failure in a critical legacy integration application. It was a custom internet facing integration service connecting many of their suppliers. The application was written by a previous vendor, and there was very little documentation or operational knowledge about it.

Propellent was invited to mitigate this SPOF without changing any integration functionality. 

After analysis, we wrote a wrapper layer around the service providing multi site active – active clustering, along with automated deployment, configuration management, and a web portal and monitoring dashboard for the operational teams.

We implemented the solution with no operational impact, and the service is still operational today.

Application Crash
Detection & Analysis

Our client had an issue with thick client crashing of a complex third party desktop application affecting 6,000 desktops. This significantly affected operations. The cause was unknown, and the vendor was pushing back on the organisation for evidence as they did not accept that the crashing was an application problem.

Propellent wrote tooling to scan, detect and log the crashing incidents, implementing a service which called the user to ask about activity prior to the crash, so enabling a pattern to be identified.

We discovered a significant number of failure modes. These logs and reports made it possible for our client to identify test scenarios and reproduce the majority of the faults.

This enabled our client to apply significant pressure to the third party, and fixes were implemented successfully.

Propellent provided valuable skills and expertise during an RFP process to help secure a private cloud transformation strategy and managed services contract for a multi-channel platform which could securely transact c.£1.2bn per annum. We were competing against the industry giants, however with the help of Propellent we were awarded the highest scores with the end client commenting that the strategy, service and solution was “superior in every way”.

We were midway through the RFP bidding process and the client had posted a last minute requirement for an Applications Management function. We needed someone to create a service offering and transformation strategy which met the customers requirements. Having limited in-house coverage for this task, we reached out to Propellent for their expertise in this domain. This was turned around quickly and to a very high standard. Propellent jointly presented their solution to the end client and it was extremely well received.

We were impressed with their collaborative, professional and engaging approach and of course the outcome. We would happily work with and recommend the Propellent team again!

Presales Manager 

Large managed IT service provider